Climate positive association


We compensate for all CO caused in the Naturist Family Sports and Nature Camp2-Emissions in reforestation projects that are certified according to the international gold standard. In order to achieve rapid plant growth, we have had the trees planted in countries with climatic conditions that promote growth. For example, we support farmers' cooperatives of small farmers in Bolivia or Ethiopia in these very highly regarded projects, which are reforesting degraded pastures there. These projects created sustainable and social jobs in the regions, which are particularly important in rural areas of developing countries. The rural exodus and the further destruction of the environment are prevented. These renaturation projects provide livelihood for numerous families and are often validated according to Plan Vivo due to their social and ecological benefits. Although in the calculation of the CO2- If emissions already include a 20% safety surcharge, we regularly make a further contribution and have an additional 10% more trees planted than would be necessary. So far we have a total of 1.767 trees on an area of ​​approximately 16.067 m2 planted.