Our Sonnensee-Environmental guidelines

The Federation for Family Sports and Free Living eV takes into account the concerns of environmental protection in fulfilling its goals. The striving to protect the environment is an obligation for us to the present and future generations.
This obligation is derived from our association's statute of February 17, 1967.

 resource consumption

We protect the environment through economical and efficient use of resources. That is why we use water, gas and electricity sparingly and try to generate as little waste as possible. We carefully separate unavoidable waste. The procurement and use of new materials and technologies takes place under the aspect of sustainability.

 Compliance with legal regulations

We are committed to complying with all relevant legal regulations, ordinances and official requirements for environmental protection. Wherever possible and economically justifiable, we pursue standards that go beyond the legal minimum requirements and are guided by the state of the art.

 Continuous improvement

We strive to protect the environment beyond the legal requirements and subject our environmental activities to a continuous improvement process. For this we regularly take part in the ÖKOPROFIT Hannover working meetings (ECOlogical PRobject FÜR Iintegrated environmentalTechnik) of the state capital Hanover and the Hanover region.

 Promotion of employees

We actively promote environmental awareness and responsibility among our employees. All full-time and voluntary persons are actively involved in the implementation of environmental protection. We are a role model for employees, members and guests.

 Future-oriented mobility

We refrain from using cars and trucks to manage the naturist family sports and nature camps and instead use electric vehicles with charging support through solar technology. For our goal of climate-neutral mobility, we encourage the use of bicycles by our employees, members and guests.

 Public Relations

We have an open, transparent approach to environmentally relevant issues. We provide information about our activities on our website, through notices on our club premises and through articles in our quarterly circular.

Memberships of the BffL Hannover e.V.