Our Sonnensee-Environmental strategy

In addition to our memberships in the Association for Environmental and Nature Conservation Germany eV (BUND) and in the Nature Conservation Association Germany eV (NABU), we have been following our "Sonnensee-Environmental strategy ”, which we will continue to expand and promote over the next few years. We have derived the underlying measures from our environmental guidelines and summarized them in groups.
They are shown below:



      We avoid environmental pollution by:
       Use of biodegradable cleaning agents.
       Use of biodegradable detergents.
  Use of microfiber cloths for cleaning.
  Avoid aggressive chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides.
  No chlorphenol basin stones in the urinals.
  Sale of environmentally friendly sanitary liquid for the camping toilet in the service office and at the reception.
  Avoiding small portion packs (such as for ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, jam, honey and butter) in our restaurant Sonnensee-Terrace.
  Use of reusable bottles in the Sonnensee-Terrace.
  Use of environmentally friendly recycled paper for circulars and notices.
  Use of environmentally friendly paper towel and toilet paper made from recycled material.
  Strengthening regional economic cycles through preferential commissioning of local service providers, skilled tradesmen and suppliers.
  Operation of the entire naturist family sports and nature camp with 100% natural electricity from hydropower.
  Rental of bicycles and provision of repair material and tools at the reception.
  Driving ban for cars directly on Sonnensee.
  Reduced use of cars in the interior of the site.
  No cars and trucks to manage the naturist family sport and nature camp.
  No leaf blowers and leaf blowers.
  Overcompensation of the entire, in the Co2- Calculated, unavoidable, footprint emissions from the annual planting of over 400 trees on an area of ​​around 4.000 m² in regions that are favorable to vegetation. These reforestation projects are certified according to the international gold standard and are regularly validated according to Plan-Vivo.



We reduce our consumption by:
  Support of employees in the use of bicycles to promote climate-neutral mobility.
  Operation of electric vehicles with charging support through solar technology.
  Use of LED lamps and energy-saving lamps.
  Operation of refrigerators and freezers of energy efficiency class A ++ in our restaurant Sonnensee-Terrasse, in the reception and in the service office.
  Control of the lights using twilight switches and motion detectors.
  Water-saving buttons, flow limiters and eco-aerators.
  Use of rainwater for the camping toilet spout at wash house south.
  Monthly consumption recording through the use of gas, electricity, heat and water meters.
  ECO management system for detailed analysis and validation of the respective consumption.
  Regular analysis of electricity consumption by evaluating the current load profiles from the transformer station.
  Heat recovery from the exhaust air through highly efficient heat exchangers in the sanitary buildings.
  Heat generation for hot water preparation in the sanitary buildings by using thermal solar collectors.
  Heat generation for the heating in the club house and the underfloor heating in the sanitary building south by using highly efficient solar collectors.
  Heat generation using economical condensing technology
  Low burner temperatures thanks to the use of underfloor heating in new buildings.
  Heat distribution using highly efficient heating pumps.
  Demand-based circulation of the warm water using presence detectors and highly efficient circulation pumps.



We support the recycling of raw materials by:
  Provision of separate containers for used clothing, batteries, electrical appliances, glass, natural corks, metal, paper, residual waste, bulky waste and packaging in our recycling area.
  Recycling of leaves and grass clippings z. B. in a biogas plant.
  Processing the in our gastronomy SonnenseeTerrace used frying oil by a specialist company.
Later use, for example for the biodiesel industry.
  Feeding the empty printer and toner cartridges into the recycling circuit.
  Exchanges for used items on the information boards of the sanitary buildings.
  Flea market area of ​​the SonnenseeGroup on Facebook.
  Regular flea markets for members and guests.



We beautify our site by:
  Planting trees and shrubs typical of the region.
  Promotion of biological biodiversity by planting high-stemmed orchards of old regional varieties.
  Promotion of biodiversity by keeping bees on Sonnensee.
  Marking of rare trees with signs.
  Regular "action clean area"
  Regular "clean-up days" by motorboat with electric drive in the Sonnensee.
  Buildings architecturally integrated into the landscape.



We convey our commitment to the environment by:
  Information for members and guests at the reception and on our website.
  Notice boards in the sanitary buildings and in the clubhouse.
  Technology tours behind the scenes.
  Regular information in our quarterly circular.
  Adventure days for parents and children in the regional flora and fauna.

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