ÖKOPROFIT Best measure 2016

Our climate-positive management was chosen as the best ÖKOPROFIT® measure

As part of the 7th ÖKOPROFIT® Hannover Workshop, all participants in the 2015/2016 entry-level group presented the best measure of their corporate environmental program. The climate-positive management of our naturist camp on Sonnensee, by overcompensating the Co2-Emissions was chosen as the best measure from among the participating companies and the members of the steering group.

Overcompensation of remaining CO2-? Emissions from reforestation

The CO calculated by Viabono for 20152-Emissions from our “Naturist Family Sports and Nature Camp” amounting to 50 tons - plus five additional tons - were offset by planting a total of more than 400 trees. With over 4.000 m², the reforested area is roughly the size of a soccer field.

CO2-Footprint of Viabono

Viabono created the CO2-Footprint evaluated all consumption values ​​for land management such as fuel, LPG, fresh water, towel and toilet paper, cleaning agents and electricity. The longstanding efforts to establish our company on Sonnensee Making it more climate-friendly has clearly been reflected in the result: The CO2Emissions have been reduced by around 2010 percent compared to 50!

Best CO2- Federal footprint comparison

We are with our naturist camp from Viabono due to the low CO2Emissions have been classified as the nationwide leader in the best climate efficiency class A.

Biodiversity and reforestation

With the settlement of new bee colonies and the planting of over 30 orchard trees, we also have an eye on biodiversity. However, these activities do not contribute directly or not enough to offset the remaining 50 tons of CO2 at. That is why we have compensated for a reforestation project that is certified according to the international gold standard and that has been validated according to Plan Vivo due to its social and ecological benefits: small farmers from Bolivia who have joined together to form a farmer's cooperative are grazing pasture areas degraded there by cattle breeding on. A good 400 trees were planted for us in 2015.

Further information:

Press release from Viabono - best measure ÖKOPROFIT® 2015/2016

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What is eco profit

ÖKOPROFIT is a cooperation project between the participating companies, the municipalities, the state capital of Hanover and the Hanover region. ÖKOPROFIT® stands for ECOlogical PROject FÜR Iintegrated environmentTechnik and has meanwhile made a name for itself worldwide. As part of the local Agenda 21, it was introduced in the city of Hanover in 1999.

How does Ekoprofit work?

1. Conduct joint workshops

Over a year, nine environmentally relevant topics that are of interest to companies are dealt with in nine workshops. The workshops take place directly at the participating companies, so that a concrete exchange of experiences can take place on site, also beyond the environmentally relevant aspects.

2. Individual advice to the respective company

The heart of ÖKOPROFIT is individual advice on site. During four half-day appointments, the participating companies are shown individually by the engineers in which areas there are opportunities for improvements in terms of legal security, environmental relief and cost reduction. The operational environmental program is considered and possible optimizations are analyzed.

3rd award for ÖKOPROFIT-Hannover operation

If a company has passed the commission examination and successfully participated in ÖKOPROFIT, it receives the award as "ÖKOPROFIT company Hanover". The award ceremony will take place at a public event in January 2017. In addition, a brochure with all award-winning companies is created.