Our story

After the Second World War, the former members of the Federation for Body Breeding and other nudist associations were searched for a new company through a newspaper advertisement. After lengthy negotiations with the British military government and other agencies, the BffL Hannover founded. A wasteland of approx. 120.000 m² was initially made available free of charge. In countless hours of work over many years, the site was cleared and extended by leasehold.

In 1956 the 5th INF World Congress and a nudist world youth camp took place for the first time after the war in Germany and at the BffL. A sculpture from the picture and sculpture collection still stands in front of the clubhouse.

In 1960 ours was created as a quarry pond when the Hannover Ost motorway junction was built Sonnensee, For this purpose, a levy of over DM 900 had to be raised from 200.000 units. The necessary lease agreements were concluded and a plot of land was bought on the east bank of the future lake. Shortly before the construction work was completed, additional plots were added through leasing and acquisition, which made the site grow to its imposing size.

In 1962 the 8th INF congress was again held on the Hanover site. He was still much loved today Sonnensee inaugurated.

Our club experienced golden times in the early 4000s. At that time, the BffL was said to have had around 1300 members. Today, the BffL is significantly smaller with around XNUMX members, although the trend is currently rising again.

The Sonnensee in early years