The Sonnensee from above

The Sonnensee forms the centerpiece of our association site located in the landscape protection area.

Several sandy beaches harmoniously located on the lake invite you to linger. It is very easy to get into the lake via the many natural entrances, bathing steps or footbridges.

A swimming stadium with 50 m lanes is available for sporty swimmers.

If you want, you can experience “pure nature” on a walk around the lake.

  • Water area: approx. 17 ha
  • Extent: approx. 2 km
  • maximum depth: approx. 16 m

water quality

The Sonnensee am Morgen

The water quality of the Sonnensees is checked regularly.

For years now Sonnensee consistently excellent
water quality

Bacteriological samples are carried out by the Water Hygiene Team of
Hanover region throughout the bathing season from the 15.05. to 15.09.
at 4-week intervals taken.

The first sample is taken 10 to 20 days before the season so that a statement about the water quality can be made at the beginning of the season. The results of the investigations can be found on the page water quality

Classification according to the EU directive