Children's beach on Sonnensee

View from the terrace of the clubhouse

The spacious club house was inaugurated in December 1997.

It offers members and guests not only the sauna area, the office and the sports changing rooms, but also a good middle-class gastronomy with plenty of space for celebrations of all kinds.

Our large terrace invites you in the summer after a walk or sunbathing
for a cool drink.

If the weather is not so nice, you can have a good time in the sauna area of ​​the clubhouse, where massages are also carried out.

Sauna “Carpe Diem” opening times

Wednesday 15.00 am - 21.00 pm
Sunday 13.00 am - 19.00 pm
Info phone +49 511 594 08 95

Save Energy

The entrance to our clubhouse

Our clubhouse is equipped with a 14 m² solar thermal system.
With the help of solar collectors, we receive year-round support for hot water from the sun. In addition, the solar modules are used to relieve the high-efficiency condensing system operated with liquid gas during the heating season.

All 46 radiators in our clubhouse were adjusted exactly to the individual heat requirements of the respective room by means of hydraulic balancing. By using high-efficiency pumps to distribute hot water to the radiators, we only need a fraction of the energy originally required. The various optimizations help to keep our annual energy consumption and thus the consumption costs low.
Since we meet very high energy-saving criteria with our system, we were able to obtain funding through the enercity fonts proKlima.