sports facilities

ball Sports

The large sports field can be used equally well for numerous sports. Either 24 volleyball or 6 to 7 fistball fields can be set up in total. You can also simply kick your two children at any time on the two gates that are available at any time. Beach volleyball fields are also very popular with those interested in ball sports, where the nets have been set up all summer long.


A loop around the lake is approx. 2 km long, so that joggers or Nordic walkers get their money's worth and can organize their routes well. Ours stands for shot put or high and long jump Athletics facility especially available for sports badge acceptance.


Swim across the lake in the morning and back again, then you've covered 400 meters and are fit for the day. Those who are sporty can stop their times on the 50m lanes of the swimming stadium in the lake.

Table tennis

Right next to the beach volleyball fields is a covered table tennis facility with several plates. However, outdoor TT plates are also available on the lawn of the guest center or next to the youth hut.

Ring tennis

In ring tennis tournaments, our sports field offers enough space to build up enough fields. Otherwise, the fields built up throughout the summer can be used next to the Sommerwiese guest area.


The pétanque facility, which is also right next to the Sommerwiese guest area, offers several well-maintained tracks. Not least because of the cozy atmosphere with the surrounding trees, we are often envied by players from other clubs for this facility.